Hello fam, we are few hours away from Christmas and some people still don’t know what to get their loved ones as Christmas gift either because of limited budget or time so I decided to share budget friendly, last minute gift ideas.

Let’s get into some things I think would serve as great gift this season;

  1. T-SHIRT: I’m sure by now we are all aware that 2018 was the year inscription tees became a popular trend with different people using T-shirt for promotional purpose to actually earning from because i mean who doesn’t like walking about with a T-shirt that represents you or what you believe in right?
  2. PERFUME : you can agree with me that it’s always a good idea to smell nice, I like smelling nice because I feel like it attracts the right people if that makes sense. Perfumes come in form sprays and oils depends on what an individual is comfortable with they can be gotten in virtually every pharmacy or supermarket at really affordable prices as long as you pick what your budget can accommodate this is personally something I want to get for myself and a friend this Christmas so feel free to do the same if you wish.
  3. ACCESSORIES: these are items used to spice up or add details to an individuals outfit, one can do without them but using as little as one form of accessory can switch up looks to fit any occasion of your choice, so getting your loved one any form of accessory like a bag, wrist watch, earring, neck piece wristbands or sunglasses this Christmas can serve as a pretty decent gift.
  4. A DATE: this is just a bonus idea but I think a date is like a last minute gift you can give anyone this Christmas, it can be a movie date, intimate hangout or just dining somewhere cool.NOTE: This are just of my personal preferences, be sure you know what the person likes before gifting them anything, Meanwhile did you get any gifts this Christmas or you gave out gifts and what are some of your preferred kind of gift please share in the comment section


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Charlie December 24, 2018 at 6:05 pm

Merry Christmas @Frugalgirlsbog ????

nne December 25, 2018 at 2:20 am

I am still waiting for my Christmas gift from you


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