LIFE LATELY: Lessons Learnt So Far.

At the beginning of the month there was a lot of we are half way throung the year what have you achieved so far and a lot of how far have you gone with your goals post everywhere on the internet that made me check my goals; I felt sad and disappointed because it seemed I haven’t done anything and won’t be able to achieve all the goals I had set in January.

Then I sat down and started asking myself what about the people who also had goals in January but right now are either dead or too sick to even continue working on their goals and here I was like an ungrateful person questioning life, being all sad and pained for no reason.

I decided to list out everything I have done this year to either meet up with one of my goals, the ones I have unknowingly smashed and I realised that I have actually done some pretty amazing things for myself so far this year and I can still do a lot more as long as i have life.

The whole experience thought me some things I think I should share:

  1. It is never too late to secure that bag or do that thing you want to do all you have to do a create a plan and work for what you want
  2. Every body’s journey is not the same so just because someone achieved all their goals in six months doesn’t mean it has to be same in your case we all have our individual race to run so face your lane and keep doing your thing.
  3. Life is too short to sit down and wallow in self-pity or be sad for no reason, assess yourself dust off and keep working it is not over yet.
  4. Just because everyone is saying NO doesn’t means a YES will never come; keep asking for the things you want a positive reply will come.
  5. Every relationship is important; learn not to take people for granted.

How has life been lately and what have you learnt so far this year?



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