Stop Holding Back your Awesomeness

Lately, my life has been about learning, unlearning, more relearning but with little or no implementation of most of the things learned which is not good.

I realized everyone has something to offer, you just have to be ready and willing to show people all the good things you bring to the table

I also realized what is stopping most of us from being getting everything our heart desires is not wanting to leave our comfort zone, our safe haven

Yes, your comfort zone is peaceful and bliss but are you happy there, is that where you want to continue to be, don’t you think people need a piece of that awesomeness you are hiding?

These were some of the questions I had to ask myself because honestly as much as I like the peaceful bliss., staying there won’t getting me anywhere close to where I aspire to be.

Your story or journey might just be what someone else needs to be inspired. That awesome idea you are harboring to your self might just be the solution to a lot of peoples problems.

I get that you don’t want to share your personal life but how about sharing your skill and knowledge with the world, how about helping people solve a problem?

We want to see all that awesomeness in the coming year, start the business that won’t let you sleep at night, start using that skill you have even when the market is oversaturated, travel to that place you have always wanted to go to.

What is holding you back from doing all the things you would love to achieve?

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Ayo December 30, 2019 at 10:00 am

I definitely needed this this morning. Thank you.

VickieAlfa January 20, 2020 at 11:21 pm

Thank you for reading


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