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March 8, 2018 Uncategorized


Welcome to frugal girl’s blog curated by ANYIO VICTORIA I.G @msvickiealfa and @naijathriftslayer.

Choosing a name for my website was a very hard decision,  I knew what I wanted it to be about but I was not sure what to name it and I did not want it to be my name basically every name I picked was already taken including my I.G handle (phew) but after much research and trials I have decided to settle for FRUGALGIRLSBLOG to get things started and having to explain what the word frugal means to every person is hard but its been rewarding so far as a lot of people have been able to relate to it.


according to Oxford  dictionary means sparing or economical as regards to money it originated in mid 16th century from Latin frugalis, from frugi ‘economical, thrifty’, from frux.

But to me it means being cautious of how I spend and what I spend on (accountability), being more clever about my finance as adulthood is hitting me harder than I thought it would, consciously spending which is a great way to avoid debt and build wealth it is not always as easy as it sound.

Things to expect from this space as the account permits are:

  1. Thrift store reviews as voted by  the lovely thrifters on I.G @naijathriftslayer
  2. Affordable made in Nigeria items and links to these stores and brands.
  3. I have this skin problem that i have been battling with for a while now, i plan to share my journey through the process of treatment with links on how to get helpful products and how i have dealt(still dealing) with the stigma.

In summary this is my space to document my frugal lifestyle to encourage others to be you, do you for you…….never do things because of the gram and people’s approval it’s not worth the stress.

Special shout out to my friend SANI SAMUEL who has made owning a self hosted website possible, he did all the computer programming and engineering thing that is involved in creating,registering and building a website for me, THANK YOU.

what do you guys think of the name,theme and what the blog is about? what post would you like to see on here as in the future. please leave a comment below,thank you.

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