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June 15, 2018 Uncategorized

Hello beautiful,

Since the new update on instagram, highlights is one trend that made waves when people discovered it’s importance but then things improve and covers came a lot of people think it’s just for show but highlights are important as it’s a way to tell people who come across your page for the first time things to expect, general overview of what your are about visually. It’s also a way to save old stories not just for you but so other people can see it as reference to old stories even after 24hrs.

So today I’m going sharing free apps you can you use to brand your I.G bio and how to use them both for business and personal page for small businesses that can’t afford professional branding yet this should be helpful.



  • your phone or related device
  • Mobile data or Wi-Fi
  • A pen
  • A book or paper
  • The CANVA app HERE
  • Pinterest app HERE


First you need to take note of what your brand is about

Pick your colour scheme of your choice preferably from your logo or a favourite colour that best describes you

Download pinterest for beautiful background

Get a png image from Google by typing what you want and png. Example: ‘hanger png’ and use the image option on Google to pick the colour of your choice or get editable icons HERE

The CANVA is an app every one should have as it’s free and easy to understand.


  1. launch the CANVA app
  2. Pick the ‘your story’ template
  3. Choose a simple design and edit or pick a blank background
  4. Import a background of your choice using + option to add image
  5. At the right button corner of your phone you will see something like this + pick the graphics option
  6. Add a graphics template of your choice and edit
  7. Resize the circle and png image to your desired size and place at the middle of your story
  8. word based highligts can be done by adding text to a desired background
  • P.S: if at any point an imported image or graphics hides under the background use this … option at the top of current graphics you are editing to get the option that can make them visible.
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