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Why saving in your 20s is important

October 7, 2018 Uncategorized

Hi there,

Welcome back, it’s the end of a session in my school and my roommate started telling anyone who cared to listen that I taught her two things but we are going the focus on the important one HOW TO SAVE.

Most of the people she told kept asking why I find the need to save when I get monthly allowance and could find little jobs to earn from. Through it all I realised that a lot of young people(myself included) do not think they can start saving now and some don’t think it is even important to them now.

Someone even said their family would always be around to support them (in 2018?) why would anyone still think this way?

Hence this post to share why i think it is important to start saving in your 20s even when you are yet to start earning, well without wasting too much time let’s get right in;


This is like the most important reason why everyone should save, we don’t pray to find ourselves in helpless situations but many times life happens and we go through situations beyond our control and in times like this where money is need for one major need or another it would be a good thing have financial backup and not having or finding the need to beg, borrow or take loans from people. im not saying asking when you don’t have is wrong but not attempting to save means you are planning to have money at all. imagine losing the major source of your present income or suffering from health problem that cuts off your income, what do you plan to live off from?


My ultimate goal is to be able to wake up and feel like i can do anything and not have to ask my parent for money, yes i appreciate that they can provide for me but it is a different feeling when you can fend for yourself or at least be able to financially support the lifestyle you choose for yourself. having the funds to live the life you want not forgetting your morals gives you a sense of freedom at least that is what i think though.


Saving gives you the confidence to invest in your ideas and dreams, one of the things i wish i knew before you wont be scared to take business risk when you have a solid savings account backing your idea up it doesn’t mean not planning and weighing the business idea before starting but investing in a legit and worthy high risk business without fear.


we always think our parent have to pay for our education, yes but what about those online courses and extra classes you want to use to improve yourself should they also pay for those? Well I don’t think they have to which is why you need to start saving its you are doing those extra education for yourself and most we don’t even want them to know about those but when you can’t afford it on your own you always end up asking them.


I want my future self to have some really great things more than i have now which i why i try to save, i want to have a lifestyle better than what i have now be able to do something for my self, family and community with having to beg for funds in the future. this is like preparing for retirement.

I understand that it could be hard and a lot of us think we are still student depending on our monthly allowance but I feel like if you can remove at a hundred Naira from your allowance yes it might not be plenty money at the end but then you a teaching your self to consciously save which is a start and over time on your own you would push yourself to save more because then you start getting results from previous savings which is how I started saving.

Start really small but be faithful, it could be as small as buying a locally made saving box (KOLO) which cost as little as 100 Naira or 200 Naira and you could go all out to invest in things like properties, gold or trades but which ever means you choose to build wealth for self it is important that you start now.

Thank you for reading, i hope you learnt something or have something to add, please share your thoughts about saving in the comment section

Do you think it’s important for young people to save or not?

  • NNEOHA 11:29 am October 7, 2018 Reply

    Nice one dear

  • Gift Collins 6:38 pm October 8, 2018 Reply

    It’s so important to start cultivating a saving culture as early as possible. If I knew back while I was in school I would have saved up for my after University life. Now I’ve fully developed a saving culture.
    Beautiful post.

    • vickie alfa 7:35 pm October 8, 2018 Reply

      I LEARNT late but I\’m settling into the habit more

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