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October 28, 2018 Uncategorized

Hello beautiful,

Growing up around the North you would think ankara was a limited piece but then things started changing and people became more creative with the print producing different styles especially at weddings.

Today’s post is on SGTC CLOTHING a brand that makes ready to wear afrocentric pieces in nigeria for women of all shapes and different sizes celebrating its second year anniversary.

I love most if not all their outifits which is why I would be sharing some of my favourite things about them and why I can give them all the money I’m yet to have, So without too much talk let’s get right in.


This is top on my list because everyone appreciates an outfit that can be styled differently every time it has to be worn to suit your preferred style and occasssion which is a good reason to be hooked on them.


Their ability and method of mixing different prints in one piece is so cool makes the outfit stand out anywhere you go, like my EGBAI dress evertime I have worn it I get asked questions with people stopping to ask about the prints or the dress maker which makes one know you got your money’s worth.


If you know ankara well you know different company produce different quality and so far all the fabrics used for all the outfit I have gotten from them are standard quality, we all want brands that can work on quality over quantity as long as it’s worth it at the end.


Your brand is as good as how a customer feels after interacting with you, if the service is bad I won’t go back and so far I have witnessed first hand how they don’t take their customers lightly which is hard to find these days especially in Nigeria.

Most importantly note that these are my very personal opinion and how i feel about this brand in my own words.

HAPPY 2ND YEAR SGTC CLOTHING you can still get free INVITE for their fashion party and workshop.


1. Sequin crop top and Ankara skirt

2. EGBAI dress – @sgtcclothing


what are your thoughts on Ankara and how often do you wear one?

  • Opeyemi 5:52 pm October 29, 2018 Reply

    I love Ankara….SGTC is my go to for chic pieces at affordable prices too. They save me from tailor headache as much as possible l.

  • Ike 9:18 am November 14, 2018 Reply

    Nice blog you’ve got here
    Keep it up

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