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Lessons I Learnt In 2018

January 18, 2019 Uncategorized

2018 was a pretty long year for me with a lot of highs and lows, but then every experience came with their own lessons

I decided to share some things I learnt and things I can hopefully to work more on this year.

1. The art of saving: I learnt and practiced how to keep little money somewhere everyday, trust me just start with any amount and thank me later.

2. Being a doer : I’m one those people that will think about so many ideas but never get to do them.

But last year I started giving my ideas a chance and just face the consequences later.

This one I learnt it from Principal Amin Everythingnaart more doing fearing less.

3. Investing in myself: I learnt to invest my money and time into myself, learnt new skills, paid for different classes and try to actually implement these lessons.

This came through for me this year at work and dealing with new people because they will only invest in my dream if I do same first.

4. Self Love: I learnt how to love and appreciate myself more last year.

I am not what they say but what I say I am.

5. Hard work pays: I’m still learning this one because it’s hard but it pays in the long run.

I hope to get better at putting my best into everything/work I get to do this year.

6. Learning to rejoice with others: Before if I saw someone my age doing well I would always beat myself up or feel sorry for my self forgetting we grow differently.

But last year I learnt to actually be happy for and with people in their wins because when my turn comes they would celebrate me too.

7. Trust the process: This one has to do with my lack of patience, I’m always eager to get quick result.

But then I have learnt to patiently trust the process because Rome was definitely not built in one day.

8. Be more Attentive: I learnt to listen to details and listen to people more.

9. Be ready to learn: Learn something new everyday and use it, no matter how small it is as long as it’s something new.

To be ready to learn always, every-time, from every situation and from everyone that I come across.

10. Value relationships: This is still on going but i started practicing how to value people’s time and every friendship and relationship.

People have other things doing so if someone is trying reach out or check up on you genuinely try returning the favor.

I’m hoping we all use the lessons last year thought everyone of us to make this year better.


What was your biggest lesson in 2018?

  • Blackfrochick 9:11 pm January 19, 2019 Reply

    Last year taught me how to trust God whole heartedly and also I\’m hoping to learn to save this year… Beautiful write up, Thanks for sharing this

  • JayJay 7:20 am January 20, 2019 Reply

    I hope we do make the best out of this year.

  • Ufuoma 7:51 pm February 5, 2019 Reply

    This is truly encouraging ??

    • VickieAlfa 11:53 am February 6, 2019 Reply

      Wow I’m happy to see that it was helpful

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