Four Things I Am Doing To Be More Productive


It’s been a struggle juggling a new job, life and other commitments that won’t stop hitting me.

But I love the challenge every experience brings which is why I searched for ways to be more organized and productive.

  • Stop procrastinating:learning to stop saying I’ll do it later when I can just do it now.

Once you remember there is something that needs your attention just get to it instead of leaving it till later.

  • Sleep less: the way some of us like sleep, I am so sure our rich mentors don’t sleep like we do.
  • I know sleep is important I love to sleep but over sleeping is not good for the account plus if you are like me that can sleep and forget everything sorry.
    • Pray: Speak to your maker, let him know your plans and how you want to go about them.
  • I am not saying talk to God and wait for him to reply before going out but just let him know your plans for the day or week and move on with life.
    • Plan: This is a whole topic on it’s own but planning is very important if you want to be more productive even though I learnt this the hard way.
  • Having a to do list helps a whole lot and I know some plans may end up failing but it is better to have a plan than winging everything.
  • Get a journal or something you can write down things you to do and need to do it can even be your phone.
  • Note that these are ways that have somehow started working for me, if you can relate how do you stay productive?


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