Favorite Instagram Accounts In January


    This year I decided to be more intentional about what I feed my eyes and soul with on instagram to protect my mental health space.

    Everyone has something to show off and we have too many fake it till you make it preaching accounts causing too much pressure.

    Amongst all these we still have those accounts that are created to help you achieve all round growth, I decided to share some of the accounts I really enjoyed this month.

    • Everything Na Arts: If you have not heard about Principal Amin you definitely have open mindedlyvcheck Her out. She is a leader, inspiring every member of her tribe to be do more while we talk-less, She teaches people to be innovative, learn to build ourselves/brand while we enjoy the art of our growth and development in our chosen path.
    • Tribe called Ena: This is a Community created by Amin (EVERYTHINGNAART) through her WhatsApp classes to help members of her tribe connect with each other, learn and support each other’s growth . It’s called the home of doers because we are thought every day to think up an idea, do the work to bring and idea to life neglecting fear. I love the sense of support, motivation the tribe brings to everyone irrespective of what you do or your field everyone is welcomed warmly and given an opportunity to enjoy all the goodness and perks of being part of a creative community especially when you register with the link in their bio
    • The bloggers Advocate: This is for bloggers and content creators learning to understand, connect with other people in the same industry and learn the dept of being a good content creator in Nigeria. They organize different events to teach and help you grow, create opportunities for brands and bloggers to collaborate and they have support groups to help encourage bloggers growth and cater for the needs of Nigerian bloggers. #tbatribemember
      The digital thinker: Every one and anyone that wants to use Instagram or learn how to use it the right way should check them out. They share the simplest tools, app and methods anyone can create create content for themselves or their brands with the digital thinker there is always a new app or new method of doing something creative on instagram.
    • Oma of Sotectonic: Every small business owner needs a touch of Oma in their content because apart from being an award winning blogger at Sotectonic she is a social media manager that creates really great content and has different businesses of her own which means she understands what your business needs. This is a personal one for me because she was the first content creator I reached out to on instagram that answered my questions in details and still checks up on me from time to time. She now holds different classes where she shares her knowledge on content creation in details to everyone willing to learn at a fee.

    These are some of the accounts I could mostly relate to, honestly enjoyed, learnt and still learning from so far.

    What is/are your current favorite Instagram account(s)?


    1. I don’t have a favourite per day.

      For some strange reasons I haven’t really paid attention to this everything na art babe.

      I’ll probably look into her next week.

      Thanks for sharing❤️❤️❤️


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