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Learning This Love Thing

February 23, 2019 Uncategorized

It’s the month of love and we just celebrated another Valentine’s Day recently which came with different emotions for the different people.

For me it was me smiling from ear to ear seeing how people in love were celebrating and hearing the sorry you don’t have someone from one too many people.

“Fall in love with the one who teaches you how to fall in love with your self”

People make self love look cliche but the truth is if you don’t appreciate and give yourself credit wholeheartedly you can’t give someone else.

Our society make it look like being in love and showing it is a sign of weakness that’s not true which is why when people ask about my love life I simply say I don’t have one.

I have watched my parents express their love openly without holding back till date (get’s weird) but it shows that contrary to what we are made to believe love actually exist and it’s really beautiful.

I tell people most times that being in a relationship is really cool and all but make sure no one is draining the other person or in it for the wrong reasons.

we are still growing and learning if I can’t add value to your life and you to mine I honestly don’t think we should be together no matter how strong we think the love is.

This is for everyone who has ever felt like or made to feel like being single is a crime especially when you are trying to get yourself together.

“Trust in the timing of your life, don’t push it

Love comes with a lot of emotions that one needs to be physically and mentally prepared for it’s never planned so for now enjoy your company and be happy with yourself don’t fall into desperation caused by what you see or what people say to do things you are not ready for good things take time.

I am learning to love myself, all my flaws and everything I’m about hoping to share that with someone deserving soon I hope you do too.

What is your take on love?

  • Charliemagne 12:59 pm February 24, 2019 Reply

    really Nice piece…

    • VickieAlfa 7:40 am March 27, 2019 Reply

      God bless you Charlie

  • UfuosBaby 9:07 pm June 14, 2019 Reply

    Hehe. Better go and find boyfriend my fren! Just kidding…….but I\’m serious ?

    • VickieAlfa 12:21 pm June 17, 2019 Reply

      ?????I will try my best

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