The Other Side Of Fear And Laziness


For a while now I have struggled with myself on a lot of things, that small voice always discouraging me with every step made.

And sometimes it is just the no zeal to write or the nobody is interested thought.

You know how they say the other side of fear lies everything you want in life, all your dreams aspirations and goals are just there waiting for you to break through that wall called fear.

Over time I realized that I have not only been scared of things I created in my head I also became lazy and nonchalant about the things I wanted to do in the sense that when I get an idea start working on it at the point where it gets a bit difficult or challenging I just bail then the whole nobody even cares idea come in and that idea just doesn’t see the light of day.

What I’m saying is that what ever you do don’t let a mixture of fear and laziness mess with your goals and ambitions, the moment they messing with your productivity find a way out as fast as possible.

While I am learning to be better and do better everyday going for the things i want by doing the work needed I hope the result come out positive.

What are some of the things you struggle with and how do you deal with them?


  1. well I struggle with starting things which usually leads to me procrastinating a lot but in the end when I finally start I just realize it was actually not that difficult. so basically I think I draw my strength by surrounding myself with the knowledge of people that have succeeded in that field, it makes me understand that I can do it and even do better.


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