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5 Tips To Help Your Mental Health

October 10, 2019 Uncategorized

Today is world mental health awareness day this year the focus is on suicide prevention because the rate of suicide increased significantly this year. it’s a day to raise awareness on mental health issues and create ways to support people with mental health issues in a country like Nigeria where people don’t treat mental disorder like an issue people created while some believe it is not possible to be a Nigeria and suffer from mental issues like anxiety or depression.

As someone who has had issues with low self-esteem and recently anxiety I understand how it feels to have something or someone affect your mental health and also have people give you reasons or tell you they think nothing is wrong with you and those that think you are lying or trying to get attention while you have to suffer and deal with these issues in silence and most people have to keep this issues to themselves because talking about it might lead you to a darker place instead of making you feel better.

Today I want to share tips I have used personally or heard people who suffered from one form of the mental health issue to get themselves or a loved one out of such state and into a better frame of mind.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an expert and I very much still need help getting myself to a better place mentally but these are tips that were helpful hence the reason I decided to write about it.

Mental health disorder is real, your mental health is as important as your physical health if you don’t know what to say to someone suffering from any health issues mentally just keep quiet and keep it moving.board-1030589__480


1. Focus on self: learn to take care of yourself more, put yourself first always yes be selfish if it comers taking care of your mental health whatever affects you mentally should not be part of your life, take personal care more serious like resting, trying to eat right, taking enough water and taking care of your body, set clear boundaries and stick to them, Also know that it is very okay to say No certain things especially if it affects you mentally.

2. Meditation: this can be done by taking time to reflect on life and things surrounding you at the point, disconnect your thought from everything, you can decide to pray, sing, breath, think happy thought, listen to an inspirational podcast.meditation-3428212__480

3. Take a break from the internet : stay off the internet if you notice it is affecting you mentally because what we feed our eyes we also feed our mind and brain slowly without us noticing you can start by unfollowing accounts that post contents that affect you then once in a while go offline, do not send or receive messages/emails at odd hours.

4. Talk to someone: Talk to professionals or people who have had similar experience it’s difficult to trust people with such issues but if you find individuals, professional bodies like MANI or support groups dedicated to mental health issues, by all means, get in touch with them and talk it can

5. Network with people in your city: Got out more if you are like me that likes her bed sometimes meeting people can help, go outside more attend meaningful events you never know what is out there you can meet someone who was in the same situation you find yourself and they could be helpful. Going to meaningful events can go along way with aiding your mental health space positively.

Also know that your physical state, some activities or lifestyle habits you pick up over time can affect your mental health they are also signs and symptoms you can use to access your mental health given by Olamma Care Foundation.

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