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Currently I Am; May 2020.

April 18, 2020 Uncategorized

The beautiful people on my Insta story voted to know what I have been up to lately. So I decided to share a life update and what I am doing currently.

Right now I am;

Learning: I am learning more about social media management and content creation by taking courses online and practicing the things I learn.

The best course I took is a free design course by oedemy where I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop it was tasking but I enjoyed it.

Learning how to create better Facebook and Instagram adverts too and setting up all the cools features they’ve created to help small businesses.

Loving: This new app called Redecor where I am learning interior decoration. Also, loving family time eating, sleeping, and chilling I currently enjoy.

Reading: More Ebooks on copywriting and content creation all in the bid to be better at it. Also reading a lot about selling products, services, and having a business especially in Nigeria.

Inspiring: My favorite business Growth Queen (you should sign up to her email list) and the Scale My Hustle community. They are your go-to community for all-round growth because they have professionals from different fields who come teach and share knowledge from time to time and they provide resources to help members of the community with career and business growth.

Thanks to them I am getting over the fear of selling my service and doing Retail again. (Story For Another Day).

Hoping: That this pandemic goes away very soon so we can all get back out lives and everyone working tirelessly at the frontline can be with their families again.

Happy: About personal growth and development and the opportunities I have gotten and will be getting subsequently.

Wishing: I could go braid my hair and go eat out with my friends without fear.

Thankful: For health, life, family, and friends. I want to shout we made it but Rona is still out and about so hopefully soon we can scream for joy on sieving hard times.

Wearing: All the skimpy light clothes I could not wear before and letting my body breathe.

Enjoying: My new found addiction to beauty content especially Skincare and Fragrance. Been reading about fragrance a lot and I can’t wait to share some of my discoveries with you.

Growing: My Instagram account and Pinterest accounts and my hair hoping to reach the big fro stage.

Planning: My Life, goals, and doing things to make these plans come to life because you only live once and I want to happily live this one life.

Preparing: Mentally to go back to school two years after completing my first degree. It has been a struggle but I am learning to take it one step at a time, focusing on my why and the end goal.

Working: On my faith, this May look strange especially because I grew up in a Christian home but I learn that it is a very personal journey I have to find and choose myself.

What are you doing Currently?

I hope everyone is staying safe and keeping their distance remember that this too shall pass very soon.

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