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How To Stay Positive During Difficult Times.

April 18, 2020 Uncategorized

Sometime this week, I woke up with a heavy heart felt like I was all of a sudden burdened with everything going on and seeing how difficult things were becoming for people even though I did not plan to feel this way at this time.

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I was really happy and hyped about life a few days ago. I didn’t know how it started, why I felt this or what to do about how I was feeling. Somehow after trying out different things I started having all the positive energy I want to feel back.

So today, I would be sharing how I had to take myself out of that negative space and just stay positive when things get difficult. It is not magic that happens over night it’s a process that I know yields positive results.

  • Pray

Praying is very important, committing absolutely everything you feel to God because only he can help solve every situation. You cannot do it alone.

This is something I am learning to do Daily, letting go of things beyond my control and letting God do his will. Feels like what everyone says but then sometimes that is the only option you really have.

So most times I just say a silent prayer trusting him to hear and I trust him to, so I just let God do what he does best.

  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself

This is that the world is not fair feeling, yes it isn’t but people still do really well in this dark unfair world so will you too.

Remember nobody owes you anything.

I am learning not to play the victim every time I start feeling this way, I try to think and take responsibility for how I feel and what I can do better to help myself.

I also think about areas of my life, I could improve in other to get the results I desire that don’t include the feeling of being an utter failure (which I am not).

  • Sleep

I like sleeping, so after struggling with chest pain from all the emotions I was feeling and not being able to think straight for a while during the day, I decided to get as much sleep as I could get and it was really helpful because I was more relaxed when I woke up.

Sleeping is very essential because sometimes we overstress our selves without even doing anything strenuous, underlining issues could be stressing you out with you noticing. sleep helps clear the mind, body, and soul.

  • Stay away from bad news

This is even harder at this moment because that seems to be all I see every day, it feels like we are moving from one bad news to another but I am trying to be very intentional about the kind of news I see.

I even had to unsubscribe from an email list that had me questioning myself after reading, the ones that will keep reminding you that they are making six figures and you are not.

It is not easy but as much as you can to stay away from any news that will make you think about the negative.

  • Be thankful

Focus on the positive part of everything happening around and be thankful for everything you have no matter how small you think it is.

I started counting all my blessings and realized I had a lot to be thankful for despite everything going on right now.

  • Bonus Tip

Talk to someone if you can or watch videos that are entertaining and educational.

I didn’t know who to talk to so I went on YouTube to watch videos that were entertaining to me and I laughed hard it felt liberating.

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How do you stay positive when things start getting difficult for you?

Please share in the comment section I would like to know.


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