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5 Easy Ways To Start A Sustainable Skincare Routine.

  • The hard part about having a skincare routine is starting because of different reasons best known to us.

In my own case, the main reason was funding and I was practically clueless, from seeing the price tag on all the highly recommended products on the internet. It honestly felt like a waste of money at the time but I wanted flawless skin too.Self care

Practice Self-care

So today I’m sharing some of the things I did that helped me curate my current skincare routine that is working for me.

  • Know Your Skin Type.

Understanding the type of skin you have is very important in curating a skincare routine seeing that some ingredients could be good for someone with Dry skin and not good for someone oily skin.

Study Your Skin

I attended a skincare class by OurPastiche online and they thought in detail, the different skin types that made it very easy for me to know my skin type and the type of ingredient it would need to flourish better.

  • Do Your Research.

After knowing the type of skin you have, you should research the kind of ingredients and a combination of ingredients your skin needs to flourish.

Skincare products
Do your Research

Doing research will also help you know how and when to use these ingredients. Proper research will guide you through when buying products and prevent you from trying out a bunch of different products randomly without tangible results.

  • Learn To Keep It Simple.

You don’t have to start by following the 10 steps Korean skincare routine, starting with something as basic as washing your face twice daily can make a difference to how your skin looks.

Keep it simple

Keeping it simple also means starting with the four basic steps in a skincare routine which includes washing, toning, moisturizing, and the use of sunscreen with products you can easily access.

  • Start With Easily Accessible Products.

Start by Buying products you can find easily online, at a drugstore or supermarket around you.

Personally, I started by getting products from the skincare shelf at Shoprite then I moved to shop online and shopping from other drugstores and supermarkets with products that had recommended ingredients I needed to improve my skin in my city.Easy to find product

Easy To find Products
  • Watch And Learn.

This is something a lot of us already do but are probably doing it the wrong way.

Watch and learn not to watch and do exactly what everyone is doing, it works for me doesn’t mean you won’t react differently to the kind products I use. If you don’t understand your skin and what it needs ask questions book a session with a dermatologist or an experienced esthetician most of them have products they recommend to you.Skincare products

Learn Don’t Copy

Learn from people who leave in the same climate/weather as yourself, do not take everything they say, and just run with it. Learn to filter information that is relevant to you, your skin type, and your situation before making any decision.

Also ask questions from someone reliable, willing to teach, and have a transparent record of sharing trustworthy information.

  • Bonus Tip.

Forget price tag sometimes, Make sure to always read the ingredients and product description of every product you want to purchase.How does skincare cost?

Quality Before Price

It is the most talked-about product, doesn’t make it is ideal for your skin type.

Do you have a skincare routine?

If yes how did you curate your current routine, if No what is holding you back?

Please like, share, and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.
Love and Light Vickiealfa
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