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2020: My Year In Review

December 31, 2020 Life, Uncategorized
2020: My Year In Review

 Hello beautiful,

It is finally, the last day of a year many tagged the worse for them while others tagged it the best year yet.

Wear  mask and always sanitize.

The year we witnessed a Global Pandemic(still witnessing), heard about shocking tragic events that affected the world, we came together to ask for a safer Nigeria even if that didn’t go as planned but we will never forget 20/10/2020, we witnessed the world live and learn to do things virtually and we also heard about some very good news as well.

We won’t Forget.

This year meant different things to different people as it should be, personally it was the year all my plans and set goals didn’t work out how I hoped they would. I lost the opportunity to continue working, lost an opportunity to go for post graduate studies, read more rejection mails this year than I thought I would; at a point I thought someone blacklisted my name and email address, got a job that was mentally exhausting and I had to quit a week after I started.

I could go on and on about all the things that didn’t workout and how painful they were for me at that time it even made my mother believed I was depressed because everything wasn’t working for me and honestly I was miserable and frustrated to say the least.

This is also the year I started a Business , the year I finished NYSC and also the year I feel like I found my purpose, discovered what I want to do with my life and I also accepted myself fully.

Just Smile things will get better.

Thinking about everything that happened and how that changed my thoughts about what I want for myself and career now. I believe I lost all those opportunities and did not get those jobs because those were not meant for me and God has greater things in store for me.

I mean, I literally planned the whole of this year for myself, did not really include God or ask for guidance and every plan I thought I had went south; through it all, I am thankful for life, health, love of family and great friends.

I started this year, thinking I would just finesse my way around working in construction, go for a post graduate degree in a field that was not going to be Architecture because I was scared; well that has changed because as it is now, I went back to working in Architecture and I enjoyed it and now I am actively looking for an opportunity to work in a firm by January and also looking at pursing a masters in the same field(how this happened I honestly can not say but I am excited about it).

Forward Only

For the first time in a long while, I am not planning how I want things to happen this year. I mean, I have goals set and action plans for the things I want to do but this time I am more realistic and aware of change, I am also learning to be intentional about letting God lead me and more open minded about these set goals.

I know this year meant different things to all of us, but I also believe everything good or bad that happened to you and me this year happened for a reason. I hope we are prepared and ready for the great things we are about to experience in the coming year.

 Excited about the next site I get to work at.

Now, I want you to remember new year doesn’t mean your life is having an automatic reset or everything refreshes and starts brand new, it means the calendar is changing but things will only change if you want them to and if you work towards making those changes.

As you make plans, set goals and make new year resolutions, don’t forget to make them very realistic, make them short term, set timelines, be open minded and let God lead. Learn to ask for advice or guidance from people you think can help you, always pick collaboration over competition, do it afraid and be willing to learn.

Be Grateful Regardless

Here is wishing you a prosperous new year and hoping all the good things you pray and wish for works out positively for you and yours.

Remember, to wash your hands, wear a mask if you have to go out and practice social distancing; Covid-19 is still out there.

Mask On.
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